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Insights and Predictions from Houston IT Security Leaders Discuss Future Challenges

Reflections on's Recent Panel Discussion

 Houston IT Security Leaders Discuss Future Challenges

Last week's event in Houston was a remarkable gathering of IT security leaders, fostering collaboration and insightful discussions. With a focus on predicting future challenges and sharing personal experiences, the event successfully brought together professionals to share their expertise and vision for the future.

Security Leaders Discuss Future Challenges

Welcoming Our Panelists

The event kicked off with a warm welcome to our esteemed panelists. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as attendees, including CISOs, VPs, and IT security directors from companies with a minimum of 200 employees, gathered to gain insights and network.

Event Highlights

The structure of the event promoted interaction through panel discussions, roundtable sessions, and intimate networking opportunities. This format proved effective in encouraging meaningful exchanges and practical insights among the participants.

1. CISO Panel: Predicting Future Challenges

The day began with the CISO panel, where panelists were tasked with predicting future challenges in IT security. Robbie, one of the panelists, drew a compelling analogy, comparing the current IT security environment to an unbalanced centrifuge, highlighting the escalating risks if balance isn't restored. His insights resonated with the audience, sparking a lively discussion. The interactive format allowed the audience to counter predictions, offer their own, or vote in favor of the panelists' forecasts. Ultimately, Robbie was crowned the "Futurist CISO" of the Houston community for his thought-provoking predictions.

2. Divid and Kath Panel: Learning from Experience

In the afternoon, the Divid and Kath panel featured stories of both successes and failures. Panelists shared valuable insights from their leadership journeys, providing the audience with practical lessons. Jane Campbell, the goalie for Houston's women's soccer team, joined the panel and shared her experiences from the field, drawing parallels between sports and corporate leadership.

Panelist Insights

Robbie's analogy of the unbalanced centrifuge underscored the urgency of addressing imbalances in IT security. He emphasized the need for greater awareness and proactive measures within the industry. Joseph, the moderator, stressed the importance of marketing security features to consumers, sharing examples of how his company successfully promoted cybersecurity awareness by focusing on personal safety for families.

Networking and Discussions

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in numerous discussions, enjoying a fantastic lunch provided by Fogo de Chão. The roundtable sessions and networking opportunities allowed participants to connect with peers and colleagues, fostering a collaborative community.

Conclusion's recent event was an enriching experience for IT security leaders, providing a platform to share knowledge, predict future trends, and foster collaboration. The insights and predictions from our panelists sparked engaging discussions, and the event successfully highlighted the importance of addressing future challenges in IT security.

We look forward to continuing these valuable conversations and building on the momentum from this successful event. Stay tuned for future updates and events from!

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